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Our goal is to create perpetuum motion of support to SME throughout Ukraine

Unique SME ecosystem

Unique ecosystem for SME development

'Bukovyna' Fund is a unique infrastructure for SME development worth being spread throughout Ukraine. We have elaborated an effective mechanism for the development of small and medium enterprises on the principles of social entrepreneurship.

SME community integration

SME community integration

Uniting entrepreneurs can change the world around them. We strive to create a community of like-minded people who believe in themselves and set the highest goals.

Youth entrepreneurship

Youth entrepreneurship

Ukraine needs to support young generation of entrepreneurs. These people will help the country to implement successful market reforms.

Commercialization of scientific research

Commercialization of scientific research

Venture capital funds are a bridge between science and industry. Developing the system of venture capital funds in Ukraine we will create an effective mechanism of scientific and industrial cooperation.

For donnors

For donnors

We welcome domestic investors and international donors to build a network of regional funds for small and medium businesses support in Ukraine. Together we can change the country.

For investors

For investors

'Bukovyna' Fund promotes attraction of investments in commercial projects that passed seed-stage of financing in 'Bukovyna' Fund, as well as in those projects that are of commercial interest, but go beyond the Fund's criteria for financing.

Projects financed by Bukovyna Fund


Bukovyna Fund


Dmitry Firtash
Group DF


Ivan Semenyuk
Rodnychok LLC


Stella Stankevych
Trembita ALC


Victor Sidlyar
Mashzavod LLC


Vyacheslav Dobrovolsky
Tehno LLC

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