For Donors

We invite international organizations and private Ukrainian investors contribute to the development of the small and medium business in Ukraine. For this purpose we are looking for finances to implement a unique program throughout Ukraine, which is already operating in the Chernivtsi region on the basis of 'Bukovyna' Fund and is built on the principles of social entrepreneurship. This form of philanthropy is the most efficient from a financial point of view, as well as from the perspective of qualitative changes implementation in society (see picture below).


Social entrepreneurship means assistancecoming in a form of “social investment”.

Social investment beneficiaries have to not just administer investments to solve social problems, but also to recover these investments.

Received income is reinvested in a new social enterprise allowing the system to work continuously through self-sufficiency. Thus, the efficiency of investments in charity or grants has grown significantly.


Social entrepreneurship


Non-repayable assistance to those who implement various social initiatives with ahelp of such assistance.

Beneficiaries are actively involved because they not just receive assistance, but administer it according to grant terms.


Grants (programs)




Non-repayable assistance to those inneed. Beneficiaries play a passive role of consumers.


The model of 'Bukovyna' Fund consists of two main components – the infrastructure for the development of the small and medium business (Unique SME Ecosystem) and the investment fund that finances entrepreneurs on preferential terms and covers the cost of the infrastructure development with a help of received dividends.

Thus, donors' and investors' funds are not spent, they work and are reinvested. This is a "perpetual motion" of business development. If such a mechanism is created in each region of Ukraine - the country will change, because in Ukraine small and medium business generates only 15% of GDP, in contrast to Europe, China, and the United States, where this proportion equals 50%.

If you want to become a Donnor, please, write us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.