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Chernivtsi region

Direct access to the markets of the European Union with population of more than 500 million people. The Chernivtsi region borders with Moldova and Romania, a member of the EU.

Bukovyna is one of the most attractive tourist centers in Ukraine. The Residence of Bukovyna and Dalmatia Metropolitans in Chernivtsi is 1 of 7 architectural objects of Ukraine included into the UNESCO World Heritage Sites List.

The best environment in Ukraine. The region is located in the mountainous Carpathian region and the environmental performance is the best in Ukraine. There are more than 60 mineral water springs in the region.

High scientific potential. Thermoelectric space devices made ​​in Chernivtsi are set at 250 space objects of the European Union for monitoring of the Earth.

'Bukovyna' Fund promotes attraction of investments in commercial projects that passed seed-stage of financing in 'Bukovyna' Fund, as well as in those projects that are of commercial interest, but go beyond the Fund's criteria for financing.

During 'Bukovyna' Fund operations in Chernivtsi region more than 150 investment projects were examined and meetings with more than 2,000 entrepreneurs of the region were held.

Competitive advantages of the region and relevant business experience reveal the following priority areas for investments in the Chernivtsi region:

  • Wood industry
  • Organic farming
  • Tourism, including skiing, health and healing, extreme
  • Hospitality industry
  • Vegetables and fruits production
  • Processing of agricultural products
  • Fishery
  • Hydropower, development of alternative energy sources
  • Biofuel production, manufacturing of fuel pellets
  • Pharmacology
  • Development of oil and gas
  • Extraction and production of construction materials
  • Construction of logistics centers
  • Development of infrastructure
  • Applied science and innovative technology

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Our working experience in Bukovyna region allows organizing investment transactions of any complexity.

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