Stella Stankevych

Stella Stankevych is a Chernivtsi businesswoman, investor of 'Bukovyna' Fund, CEO of 'Trembita' ALC. She has commendation from the President of Ukraine, letter of commendation from the Parliament of Ukraine "Honoris causa to the Ukrainian people", she is a winner of the contest "Best Employer 2000-2010", and an honorary resident of Chernivtsi.

Since 1984, Stella Stankevych is a CEO of 'Trembita' ALC - a garmnet factory. She started her career at the age of seventeen as a seamstress. In 1970 she was managing a sewing room with 500 workers. In 1974 she became the Chief Technological Officer of the factory. Due to her ​​professional skills, ability to effectively manage and make creative, courageous decisions the company not only survived in difficult economic conditions, but also has been dynamically growing and taking one of the highest position in the textile industry of Ukraine.

Trembita ALC

'Trembita' is a factory located in Chernivtsi that sews business clothing for men and women. The company owns brand 'Trembita' and is represented by a network of men and women clothes shops in Ukraine. Annually 'Trembita' produces more than 1,5 million pieces of garments.

The products of 'Trembita' conform all international and European quality standards and are exported to Italy, Germany, France, the UK, Holland, the USA, Canada and other countries.

'Trembita' has such international achivement as "Best trade mark", and Ukrainian marks of honor, such as "Golden trade mark", "Highest Quality", Diploma "100 best goods of Ukraine".

The company successfully cooperates with such famous brands as: Armand Thiery, Scherrer, Mario Dessuti, Celio, Gianni Ferrucci, Galeries Lafaytte, Burton, Dev, ODV, Sted and Barneys, Combipel, Villa Vasari, Father an Sons, Paul Hagen, Prado, Benetton , Fellini, Facit, Ovies etc.