Vyacheslav Dobrovolsky

Vyacheskav Dobrovolsky is the President of 'Tehno' LLC (Chernivtsi, Ukraine). He is a Honorarry figure of Ukrainian industry, one of the co-founders of cooperative movement in Chernivtsi region. He founded 'Techno' LLC in 1998. Nowadays, 'Tehno' LLC is a diversified modern production enterprise employing more than 600 workers.

Tehno LLC

The company includes 6 autonomous production units.

'Tehno Bud Service' is a company specializing in construction of roads and waterworks, infrastructural objects, industrial, commercial and residential buildings.

'Tehno Plus' is the first company in Ukraine putting into operation a veneer production plant. The company also produces curved parts, including latoflex, back, seats of chairs, couches, and other products including veneer as a raw material.

'Tehno C' is a company producing natural cement-sand tiles, windows, doors and sliding systems on German equipment. All products are of European quality.

'Tehno Invest' is a company which specializes in the manufacture of plastic products of varying complexity. The company produces plastic furniture and construction fittings, components for machinery, consumer goods, and products for other industies.

'Tehno Trans' is an enterprise providing internal and external traffic service, has its own vehicle fleet, and modern service-repair facilities.

'Tehno ZNG-Nafta' is an enterprise providing wholesale and retail sales of petroleum products, has its own tank farm, and a network of moder gas stations.