LTD "Chernivtsi food factory"



Food production

Short history

"Chernivtsi food factory" was established in the 60s of the last century. The factory products range was very wide – dozens of waffles, corn sticks, marmalade, sherbet and halva. At different periods of time number of factory employees reached more than 300 people.

 In the late 90s, like many other businesses, the factory began to decline and in the early 2000s went bankrupt. Businessman Vladimir Kostritsky bought one of the production facilities, equipment and began to restore manufacturing.

Currently the company employs Vladimir's wife, son and daughter, and, in fact, the factory is a family enterprise.

Main products are:

  • sherbet;
  • 7 types of marmalade;
  • 8 types of cookies;
  • vinegar.

For funds received from 'Bukovyna' Fund the filling and packaging machine and labeling equipment were purchased.