LLC "Phyto-factory"



Herbal syrups production

Short history

At the start of its activity "Phyto-factory" company was producing medical potions, extracts and harvesting medicinal herbs. Since 1998, "Phyto-factory" has been specializing in the production of therapeutic and prophylactic herbal syrups and harvesting of medicinal raw materials – herbs, berries and roots. Also, "Phyto-factory" produces sea buckthorn oil. More than 300 local residents are involved in the process of medical plants and herbs harvesting.

Today, company's herbal products are available in special stores and pharmacies in Kiev, Khmelnitsky, Odessa and Ivano-Frankivsk.

Part of the funds received from 'Bukovyna' Fund were invested in new equipment. Another area of work that the enterprise is expanding due to the preferential financing is an increase in medicinal plants, mushrooms and forest berries harvesting.

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