Bone-fixing devices for fractures treatment


Oleksandr Shaiko-Shaikovsky

Initiator: Oleksandr Shaiko-Shaikovsky.
Doctor of Sciences

Location: Chernivtsi, Ukraine

Year of initial investment: 2012

Shareholding: Large minority stake

Actual situation: Getting state certificate

Exit strategy:

1) Sale of stake to the initiator of the project.

2) Sale of stake to external investors.

Development stages:

Oleksand Shaiko-Shaikovsky as Doctor of Science (Engineering) with colleagues which are famous doctors in traumatic surgery developed new bone-fixing devices for fractures treatment.

Devices are manufactured from titanium.

Ukrainian bone-fixing devices are planned to be cheaper than European ones in 40-75 times.

The project has all technical and engineering documentation of devices, and now the management team is going to give all necessary documents to receive state certificate giving permission to produce bone-fixing devices.