Organic fertilizers production


Sergey Palagnuk

Initiator: Sergey Palagnyuk. Student

Location: Chernivtsi, Ukraine

Year of initial investment: 2012

Shareholding: Large minority stake

Actual situation: Increase of production capacities

Exit strategy:

1) Sale of stake to the initiator of the project.

2) Sale of stake to external investors.

Development stages:

In a few weeks after financing, Sergey Palagnyuk assembled special equipment for organic fertilizers production.

During the production cycle of the first test batch of fertilizers Sergey found suppliers of food wastes (main resoure for organic fertilizers production) and signed first agreements with potential customers.

National science and technology center of land capacity gave a report that samples of the test batch of fertilizers are surely organic fertilizers and can be used for growing crops.

Now, Sergey sells fertilizers and expands production capacities.